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Stakeholder Advisor


The progress of TERMINUS is validated and carefully reviewed by its Stakeholder Advisory Board (SAB). To ensure validation by the entire industry, TERMINUS aims to involve representatives from each stage of the value chain. 

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SAB Members



Margaret coordinates the Athlone Institute of Technology’s new flagship EU-China Horizon 2020 project spearheading the clean-up of the global plastic waste burden, BioInnovation of a Circular Economy for Plastics (BioICEP).

On TERMINUS, Margaret said: “It is clear that significant progress has already been achieved in the project. In particular, the ability to deliver post-use multilayer film delamination using triggered enzymatic action from within inter-layer bioadhesives will provide a significant contribution towards the bio-recyclability and potential to upcycle these materials. This technology offers a novel, highly environmentally-favourable approach, which can provide low carbon footprint solutions to resolve our recalcitrant plastic challenges.“


Vera Haye is Director Communications and Sustainability at IVK – the German Adhesives Association. She is responsible for issues relating to sustainability, circular economy and communication.

On reviewing TERMINUS, Vera said: ‘‘Since the recycling of multilayer materials is extremely complicated, TERMINUS demonstrates an innovative solution to circumvent this problem. A thoughtful product ecodesign is necessary to keep materials as long as possible in the loop. Adhesives, in general, are suspected to inhibit a circular economy. We at IVK are looking for innovative solutions to demonstrate, that the use of adhesives brings many advantages and supports a circular economy at the same time.’’

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Antonio is the R&D Director at COREPLA (Italian Consortium for plastic packaging recycling).

Reflecting on TERMINUS, Antonio stated: ‘‘TERMINUS has a great potential to combine biotechnology and chemical/mechanical processes to resolve one of the major issues we are facing these days regarding plastic recovery from waste. It will help achieve the plastic waste targets and so help to reach the final goal of creating a circular economy for packaging materials which otherwise will end up in landfill or energy recovery streams.’’

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