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Stakeholder Collaborations

TERMINUS collaborates with other European projects, with the aim of furthering the efforts towards the circular economy for plastics. Collaboration and involvement of all the value chain actors, as well as stakeholders, is key for the successful transition.


CIMPA- A CIrcular Multilayer Plastic Approach for value retention of end-of-life multilayer films is an EU-funded, H2020 project, that will develop a recycling value chain for post-industrial and post-consumer multilayer films (from food and agricultural applications) to retain 12 up to 72% of their value yield based on a synergetic approach combining:

  • innovative compositional sorting (combining Near InfraRed NIR- and digital watermarking sorting),

  • mechanical and physical (dissolution) recycling,

  • decontamination processes (advanced scCO2-based decontamination),

  • upgrading (properties tuning) solutions.

bioicep logo.png

The Bio Innovation of a Circular Economy for Plastics (BioICEP) is a pan European-Chinese collaboration formed to reduce the burden of plastic waste in the environment. Different mixed plastic pollution environments are represented, with specific partners selected which have the expertise and facilitates to carry out the necessary technical innovations. 

Three innovative booster technologies are at the core of its solution accentuating, expediting, and augmenting plastics degradation to levels far in excess of those currently achievable. 

The approach is based on a triple-action depolymerization system where the plastic waste will be broken down in three consecutive processes. 

TERMINUS and BioICEP teamed up to accelerate the transition towards a circular plastics through the combining of the respective technologies.


MIX-UP (MIXed plastics biodegradation and UPcycling using microbial communities) aims to showcase a novel approach for plastic recycling and accelerate the establishment of a circular (bio)-economy for plastics. 

The project aims to capture the value of plastic waste through biotechnological conversion of unsorted, mixed plastics into bioplastic using heavily engineered enzyme mixtures and mixed microbial communities.

The project received funding from the EU's Horizon 2020 programme and the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

MIX-UP and TERMINUS partnered to foster synergies in the research & innovation domain, as well as accelerate the transition towards plastics circularity.

PCM logo.png

Plastics Circularity Multiplier is an initiative, with the aim of boosting the efforts of the European Union towards the establishment of a circular plastics economy, which goes hand in hand with the achievement of the targets set by the EU Plastics Strategy. The group will work towards improved communication and synergies among Horizon 2020 and FP7 projects, boosting the impact of these projects and at the same time facilitate the availability of the information for policy makers, industry actors and the general public.

TERMINUS is among nineteen other projects that have launched the initiative. 

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