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TERMINUS Scientific Workshop to take place on June 14 during the 8th Bioremediation Conference

The circularity of multi-material packaging must be increased if Europe is to reach the targets set within its legislative frameworks. Within the TERMINUS Scientific Workshop, the consortium will address the research and activities that were undertaken with this goal in mind.

TERMINUS aims at unlocking the recycling challenge for multi-layer and multi-material packaging with the use of enzyme-containing adhesives and tie-layers, which would enable for the separation of different layers upon triggering. The different materials can then be processed via conventional recycling routes.

The programme of the TERMINUS Scientific Workshop includes, among other topics:

- Enzymatic degradation of the most common aliphatic biopolyesters

- Complexity of multilayers, main challenges and solutions to reach the reality of sustainable industrial processes, an SME’s point of view

- Nanobiocatalytic degradation of designer polyurethanes

Taking place on 14 June 2022, the TERMINUS session will be organised as part of the 8th European Bioremediation Conference.

The full programme of the TERMINUS session and the link to registrations can be found on the TERMINUS website:


TERMINUS addresses the challenge of unlocking recycling and reuse of flexible multi-layer and multi-compounds packaging materials used for food, beverages, cosmetics, pet food, fertilisers, any perishable goods in general. It will develop a range of smart enzyme-containing polymers with triggered intrinsic self-biodegradation properties, acting as adhesives or tie layers in the design and manufacturing of multi-layer plastics for food and non-food applications.

The project is funded by the European Union under Horizon 2020. Call: H2020-NMBP-ST-IND-2018. Grant Agreement: 814400


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