TERMINUS addresses the challenge of recycling and reuse of flexible multi-layer and multi-compounds packaging materials used for food, beverages, cosmetics, pet food, fertilisers and any perishable goods in general. Due to their complex structures these materials are excellent in preserving the packaged goods, and in the case of food applications considerably extend the useful life of products and therefore help reduce food waste. It is this complex structure however that causes problems in their recycling. The mixture of often inseparable layers prevents effective re-processing and today majority of such packaging is either incinerated or ends up in landfills.



Through a range of smart enzyme-containing polymers with triggered intrinsic self-biodegradation properties, acting as adhesives or tie layers in the design and manufacturing of multi-layer plastics for food and non-food applications, TERMINUS aims to address this issue. The technology will be applied to biodegradable PUR-based adhesives for adhesive lamination and extrusion coating lamination, and polymers and tie layers (PBS, PLA, PPC or PCL) in blown extrusion.



Advancing the circular economy and reaching the target set forward by the European Commission depends on increased innovation in the industry. TERMINS will be a breakthrough solution for accelerating this transition. 


With the successful implementation of TERMINUS, expected results will lead to a 15% improved economy efficiency, 80% reduction of the landfilling rates for multi-layer packaging as well as 50% decrease of overall landfilling rates of plastic, along with a 65% decrease in the CO2 emissions.